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Aviosim is in charge of the 2 NLR Simulators, which have been donated to Aviosim and NL-2000, named: “De Droge Zee Generic Simulator” and the “F-104C Starfighter.” For practical reasons we decided to start a partnership with the Aviodrome, Lelystad. The Aviodrome offers space and, at the same time, it enables its visitors, you, to use the Flight Simulators. When the Aviosim volunteers are present at our booth at the Aviodrome, visitors are able to witness and perform a flight under supervision and subject to availability at one of our Flight Simulators. The operating days of the NLR Simulator can be found on our Calendar, which can be accessed via the Calendar button on the left of this page.Our volunteers are also active as Air Traffic Control at our SARP II Radar Simulator. In collaboration with IVAO we use our own FSD network. Alongside a peek in the cockpit, where you are allowed to be in charge of your own flight, you are also granted a peek into the ATC world, where all flight traffic is being monitored and guided.

Since February 2011 Aviosim is a Foundation under Dutch law and records. This foundation has a guiding and coordinating role and has operational control over the Flight Simulator Project at the Aviodrome in which the foundation is accountable to the association NL-2000 and the management of the Aviodrome. To (partly) cover the cost of the foundation and this project we developed a Webshop where you can purchase products from Sismo Soluciones and Simworld at favorable rates. We offer you everything, from pilot chairs to gauges, to enable you to build your very own cockpit at home and to make your experience more realistic than ever!

The Dutch tax office granted us the ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, status. This means donations and endowments directed to our foundation are fully tax deductible for the donator. More information on ANBI’s can be found on the Dutch tax office website: De Belastingdienst or the ANBI website.

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Because we are part of the NL-2000 Scenery Design Group we provide our visitors the possibility to download the NL-2000 scenery completely free of charge! You can find the download at our downloadpage at
Since November 2014 we partnered up with the official Dutch seller Warpalizer Univisual Technologies. Do not forget to visit our partner at for more information about Warpalizer Univisual Technologies.

Did we already enthuse you? And do you want to visit our stand at the Aviodrome itself? Then you can contact us by filling in the form on the contact page and we will get back to you soon! Or just visit us at the Aviodrome at your own convenience, but first check our availability on the calendar! Please visit our webshop where you can find high quality cockpit components, pilot seats and projection and visual solutions for your own simulator! Also do not forget to visit for more information about Warpalizer Univisual Technologies.  


We now accept donation through PayPal! Your donation will be highly appreciated and will only be used to continue and maintain our project in the Aviodrome! Donations can be done through PayPal by clicking the button below. The amount of the donation can be decided by you. We value every amount!