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Aviosim is happy to announce PC Helicopters as a new partner. As part of the partnership both Aviosim and PC will share interesting stories about each other on their respective websites. was initially set up so as users across all flight/helicopter simulators can discuss all aspects of PC helicopter simulation on the PC.
We aim our content at all types of virtual helicopter pilots from complete novice to beginners. At users can find helicopter simulator reviews on all the various helicopter simulators including FSX, X-Plane, DCS, Flightgear, P3D,Take On Helicopters and more.
We hold regular polls to see which aspects of the helicopter world is popular or not so popular. Polls like the most used helicopter simulator, the best helicopter etc as well as written reviews, videos and news from the virtual helicopter world. Other features include an evergrowing helicopter list with videos and screenshots of helicopters currently avaibale for the PC
Our community groups on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus includes members from eagle dynamics, Polychop (developers of the Gazelle) and Komodo simulations. If anyone is left out of this list let me know!
Together with our partner site we produce many helicopter simulator videos on our youtube channel at

FlyElise Blending software new partner Aviosim 

We have announced it already on social media and within our webshop, we have reached an agreement with FlyElise. FlyElise is a specialist in software for your visual configurations and solutions. No doubt that you have found out what problems your beamers or LCD's may cause if you try to align it. FlyElise solves this problems from within a pilot perspective. It does not matter whether you have a professional setup with several beamers or LCD's or just 2 screens in a 90 degrees angle, FlyElise will make sure that you have a perfect visual alignment.

The software takes over the measurements and will blend  the visuals so that it appears to be a window instead of a screen that you are looking at. Thanks to our agreement it will be even more attractive! Until 31 March 2017 you will receive an additional discount in our webshop. Use voucher HYGHYT on to receive a total discount of 7,5% if you order one or more FlyElise licenses. 

By selecting the product within our webshop that you are interested in, you will be able to download a trial version of all programs. You have 30 days to evaluate the software after which a license should be obtained. 


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FS Weekend 2016

Recently the FS Weekend has been announced by its organization. Host Aviodrome made us aware of the dates for this year: November 5th and 6th. This yearly returning event is all about Flight Simulator. You can gather information about virtual aviation networks (online flying) and virtual airlines but you can also visit the stands of the many commercial manufacturers for cockpit building including those of our main partners Sismo Soluciones, Simworld, Flybycockpits, Warpalizer and Clear to Sim. 

We hope that we may welcome you in the Aviodrome!

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Update Aviosim Websites

Today we have updated our websites. We would like to refer you to any of our three websites. All three are now updated to the same themes to make navigating easier for you:


On the "own" websites we have made the colors of our foundation more clear. We have also made the navigation equal on all websites to provide you with the best experience possible.

Warpalizer Nederland is the trade-name used by Stichting Aviosim Nederland to promote and sell licenses of the Scandinavian software from Warpalizer Univisual A/S. This software helps you align your screens in any type of simulator. More information can be found on the website!

Live chat available!

On our Shop we already had live chat available. Now we have extended the availability of live chat to both our home page and the website or Warpalizer Nederland. Select the button in the lower right corner to start a chat with one of our team member. Aren't we online? Fill the short form, a ticket will be created and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.



Simworld confirmed to be present during FS Weekend 2015!


We are glad to confirm the presence of Simworld during the FS Weekend. You are welcome to join us on November 7th and 8th during the yearly international flight simulator weekend. Both Simworld and Aviosim will be happy to introduce you Simworld's newest technology and products.

With Simworld you won't need to spend hours of downloading, installing en configuring drivers. You only need to connect the power supply and the USB cable and your module will be recognized automatically. Plug and play as it should be! You use Prosim737? Even better! Prosim will automatically find your module and you can fly right away! 

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